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Seven: Sophxit! – The Tale of Count Konigsmarck and Princess Sophia Dorothea.

February 17th, 2021

Today’s tale is set Hanover, a small Germanic Duchy whose royal family would go on to become kind of a big deal. The date, July 1st 1694. A handsome young man, aided only by moonlight, sails along the Leine river till he reaches the Leineschloss – the palatial riverside home of the duke and his family. He moors his boat, then cautiously enters the property.
Little does he know at the time, but within hours he’d disappear without a trace. Never to be seen again.

This week’s tale is all about loveless marriages, dangerous liaisons, wicked behaviour ... and what it really took to leave ‘the firm’ many many years before the Megxit of Meghan and Harry.

Postscript: On the day I was mixing the music to this episode it was announced the Sussexes are expecting baby number two – For what it’s worth I offer them my congratulations and hope all goes well for them...  

This week’s episode was originally published March 24th 2020. You can read the episode here.

As per last episode, my voice remains scratchy – without even the usual side effect of huskiness. Sorry folks I ran out of time to redo the narration.

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About the Author: Simone Whitlow is an academic, competitive quizzer, songwriter and musician, formerly with Auckland rock band Ishtar. She earns a living as a small, squeaky wheel in a big corporate machine...

Though she has never fought for, or against the Holy Roman Empire, her first job was mowing lawns on a military base. Transgender, she uses she/her pronouns, a fact she mentions every fortnight as – even when her voice is in perfect working order – it stands in stark contrast with her visage.    

Six: Sabbatai Zevi/ Dorothy Martin’s Flying Saucer.

February 3rd, 2021

This episode is based on two blog posts, with a unified theme. Apologies for the croaky voice this week. Let's discuss some Messiahs and aliens. 

The year is 1666, the setting Adrianople in the Ottoman Empire – modern day Turkey. A middle aged preacher named Sabbatai Zevi, held captive since his arrival there, mulls over a difficult choice. Tomorrow he will be brought before the Ottoman Sultan Mehmet IV and be told to make a choice, a Monty Hall problem if ever there was one – though in his case there is no ‘behind one door there is a car, behind the other two doors, goats’ option. If only there were goats. Every door leads to death or disgrace. For close to a decade Zevi, a rogue Kabbalist rabbi, has been claiming to be the true son of God, and messiah. It is his proselytizing which has got him into this mess. Tomorrow he must choose instant execution, a trial by arrows or ‘the turban’

Originally posted 10th March 2020. You can read the blog post here.

Today we join our tale towards it’s climax, at a suburban home in Oak Park, Illinois. The time and date, 6pm, 21st December 1954. A dozen or so suburbanites – just regular Americans really – gather round the lady of the house, convinced she has supernatural powers. They’ve been camped out at the house for several days now. Many have sacrificed everything to be there. Earlier in the day they may have sung Christmas carols on the lawn to onlookers. They stood outside for some time, gazing skyward, hoping their visitor from Clarion, Sanada, would just arrive already. Perhaps feeling the glare of the camera, they retreated inside. If Sanada can traverse galaxies, surely he’ll have no trouble finding 847 West School Street.

Originally posted 17th March 2020. You can read the blog post here.

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About the Author: Simone Toni Whitlow is a songwriter and musician, formerly with Auckland rock band Ishtar. She is an academic with degrees in history, teaching and project management. A former Mastermind contestant, she has some idea what it’s like to face up to a Monty Hall. Transgender, she uses she/her pronouns.


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