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Eccentric tales from History by Simone Whitlow

17: Ungern’s Army

July 28th, 2021

Content warning: This week’s episode features monsters doing monstrous things - as they are apt to do.

The after-effects of World War One on the Western World are well documented. It also upturned significant parts of the East. Trapped between Russia and China, both imploding - Mongolia had it’s share of outlaws with large private armies to deal with. This is one such tale. 

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Music, writing, narration, mixing all yours truly. The machine gun was just from a free sounds effects app.

Main texts: Mostly The Bloody White Baron by James Palmer, and a handful of Jstor articles.


About the Author: Simone Whitlow is an academic, competitive quizzer, songwriter and musician. She turned down the chance to be head teacher at a Mongolian language school in her 20s and regrets it… but, my god those winters would have been brutal… 

Transgender, she uses she/her pronouns.     


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