Tales of History and Imagination

Eccentric tales from History by Simone Whitlow

Eight: Three Short Tales

March 3rd, 2021

What do pirates, Lombards and 80s cultural phenomena have in common? Besides the time I bundled three short Tales from history together for a quick blog post (hey! I was exhausted that week) .... possibly nothing?

This week, three short Tales, which do examine elements of human behavior, set in very different settings.

This week’s episode was originally published October 20th 2020. You can read the episode here.

If anyone is curious, my voice is back... but I recorded this episode in November 2020, when I was still compressing narration a little heavily.

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About the Author: Simone Whitlow is an academic, competitive quizzer, songwriter and musician, She never owned a Cabbage Patch Kid, but has been known to drink with Lombards and Pirates. Transgender, she uses she/her pronouns.    

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