Episode Eight: Mt Tambora, a Butterfly Effect in Four Acts

February 25, 2020 @ 9:00 am

On April 10th 1815 the world experienced a near cataclysmic event - a volcanic eruption which burnt through as much energy in three days as the whole planet uses in three months' power consumption - in 2020. The statistics are shocking, and ultimately the eruption on Indonesia's Mount Tambora, would cost an estimated 10 million lives. 
It also acted as a prompt for a number of innovations that affect our lives today. Today's tale is the story of the tragedy of the Mount Tambora eruption, and the innovations it spawned. 

Yes, I am a little raspy in this one, my voice was feeling worse for wear from a niggling 24 hour cold - and worn from 8 hours on the phones... sorry listeners.

This is episode 8 in the initial 8 episode run. I will be back in 2 month's time with the next season. - Meantime the blog page www.historyandimagination.com will continue to post weekly blog postings till my return (I have written 2 months' worth and scheduled them to drop 10am every Tuesday, New Zealand time)

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